Tenant Information


Our aim at Blink Realty Pty Ltd is to provide you with an enjoyable tenancy. As experienced tenants ourselves, not only do we understand your needs, we also believe in complete transparency.

With that in mind all new tenants receive a “Welcome Pack” which provides all the information you’ll ever need to be a Blink Realty tenant.


- To receive prompt action, the best form of contact is a phone call to our office

   07 3803 6171

- Our email address for tenant enquiries info@blinkrealty.com.au

- Some forms are available on the website for your use.


Please ensure that prior to moving in you have arranged all of your utilities to be connected in your name. 





Pay TV



Your belongings are only covered for damage under your own contents insurance policy. Regardless of the event that takes place (for example a burst water pipe), there is no insurance that covers your personal belongings. Just as you would insure your car, we strongly recommend that you insure your belongings. We cannot stress enough the importance of this and for a small amount per month, the peace of mind is invaluable. We are not qualified to give specific insurance advice so we recommend you contact an appropriate professional to assist you with your insurance requirements.

General Rules Throughout Your Tenancy

Please set aside fifteen minutes after moving in to familiarise yourself with your lease agreement. Remember, it is a legally binding contract and it is essential that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, just as your Landlord is aware of theirs.

There are essentially four main points that you need to remember to ensure your place of residence is a happy and stress free home. These four main points are;

  • Pay your rent on time
  • Keep the property clean, tidy and undamaged
  • Be courteous and respectful of your neighbours
  • Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions stipulated in your lease
  • If there is anything that you’re unsure of, please don’t hesitate to give your property manager a call.

    Rent Arrears

    Whilst we understand that there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances can result in your rent not being paid on time, it is imperative that you advise us in writing as soon as you are made aware that this is going to occur.

    Please call your Property Manager if you are concerned about the inability to make your future payments on time as stipulated in your lease agreement. After discussing with your Property Manager, re-iterate the conversation in an email.

    It is important that all of our tenants are aware of the process involved for rent arrears. If a conversation has taken place and we are aware of the circumstances, please don’t take it personally when the following procedure still occurs. We have a duty of care to our Landlords and their insurance company, to document all arrears or breaches. This is to be taken seriously. You will find that most people don’t mind working together to solve a short term issue if you keep the communication constant.

    3 Days In Arrears

    Tenant will be contacted via SMS and/or email and we will attempt contact by phone if we do not receive a response. It is highly advisable that you contact the office upon receipt of the first SMS or email. This will ensure that if there are any issues with either financial institution, it can be rectified as quickly as possible with a copy of your receipt of payment.

    8 Days in Arrears

    Tenant will be issued a breach notice with seven (7) days to remedy.

    17 Days in Arrears

    Tenant will be issued with a Notice to Leave providing seven (7) days’ notice to vacate. Tenants will be expected to have vacated the property by the expiry date. If there are monies owed in excess of the rental bond, the tenants whose names appear on the Tenancy Agreement will be listed on TICA and the funds will be pursued through QCAT. This is not something we enjoy doing, so should anything untoward happen, proactive communication and payment arrangements will be paramount.

    Routine Inspections

    The property will be inspected approximately every 3 months. A notice of entry will be sent to your email address a minimum of seven (7) days’ prior to the inspection. On the day, we will be inspecting the premises to ensure that the property is being well maintained and to identify any repairs or maintenance that need to be addressed.*

    Contrary to popular belief, a routine inspection isn’t for the real estate to judge how you are living. Whilst we do verify that you are abiding by the terms and conditions of your lease, a routine inspection is necessary to obtain documented evidence on the state of the property for insurance purposes should the need arise to make a claim. There are small things that a Property Manager may notice during their inspection that may not have been apparent to the tenants as they go about their everyday life.

    *Please note, you are welcome to be in attendance for the routine inspection, it is not a requirement. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the time and date of your routine inspection cannot be changed.

    Entry Condition Report

    At the commencement of your tenancy, you will be provided with a detailed Entry Condition Report. This will note the general condition of the property prior to your residency, including detailed descriptions of existing wear and tear e.g. markings, number of wall hooks etc. Blink Realty advocates contributing towards a cleaner, greener environment so whilst we won’t print the photos out to attach, they will be emailed with the Entry Condition Report so you will have a copy for your records. Please complete, sign and email the Entry Condition Report back to the office Within Three (3) Business Days as required under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.

    What is the Importance of the Entry Condition Report?

    The report documents the condition of your rental property prior to yourselves taking up residency. This is by far the most important document to secure your bond refund when the time comes to vacate the premises. By paying particular attention and filling out the report in as much detail as you can, you will ensure the end of your tenancy will be easily managed.

    You will be provided with both a paper copy and an electronic version with photos at the time of your sign up. By not returning the report in the specified time frame, you are agreeing to the Property Manager’s report on the property and you are accountable for any issues that may have been overlooked. It is strongly recommended you complete your report prior to moving furniture in.

    Once we have received your signed copy, you will also receive a signed copy of the report via email for your records. When vacating the property at the end of your lease, your Property Manager will inspect the property, comparing its current condition against the entry condition report to ensure there has been no damage or unauthorised alterations during the tenancy.

    The report is very user friendly and easy to read. It clearly outlines different rooms and features of the property. Follow the different sections of the report and write comments on any marks, damage, or faults as you go. This may mean testing that all facilities such as ovens, lights and water taps are in good working order. Although the Property Manager also does this whilst completing the agency’s report, it is highly advisable that you do the same upon entry. If you disagree with any of the comments made by the agent, leave your comments in the tenant section of the report.

    We strongly recommend that you take photos and have them dated to ensure you have accurate evidence should any issues arise. If there is anything that concerns you, please send those photos through when sending your copy of the report so we can rectify any issues immediately. The aim of providing you with as much information as we possibly can is to ensure that you have a smooth and happy tenancy with an easily managed process when you decide to vacate the premises.

    General Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

    All requests for general repairs and maintenance are to be provided in writing to our agency. Unless it is classed as an emergency (please see the definition of emergency on your lease), by law, all maintenance must be put in writing. This is just as much for your benefit as it is for ours. We strongly encourage a photo of the issue is attached to the request. This will make it easier for the tradesperson rectifying the issue and with as little inconvenience to yourselves as possible. We have provided this facility via our online maintenance request form which also satisfies the requirement to notify us of any maintenance requests in writing.

    In the event of general maintenance being required during your tenancy and as a primary method for all maintenance requests, please complete the agency supplied maintenance form which you will then need to post, email or drop in to the office. Once a general maintenance request is received by our agency, the lessor is contacted for instructions.

    It is against the terms and conditions of your lease to cease paying rent for a maintenance issue. This will only reflect negatively on your ledger and will result in a Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach for rental arrears.

    Please read the information booklet for tenants outlining what is an emergency repair.

    PLEASE NOTE: If the repair is not considered an emergency repair or is found to be caused by negligence on the part of the tenant, the tenant will be responsible for payment of repairs and associated services.

    To help alleviate the possibility of conflict regarding maintenance concerns, we have outlined some handy tips for you to try prior to contacting Blink Realty for a tradesperson call out. Common sense should prevail when educating yourselves with the basics below.



  • Is the power switched on?
  • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?
  • Have you topped up the water level with the filler valve?
  • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?
  • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?
  • If the safety switch has been tripped, attempt a reset. If it trips again you will need to unplug all appliances from the power points. Reset the switch and re-plug each of the items in one at a time to identify what is causing the problem.

    PLEASE NOTE: If an electrician is called out to a property and it is discovered that a faulty appliance not included as part of the lease is the cause, the tenant will be responsible for the call out fee.


    • Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?
  • Have you cleaned the filter?
  • Blocked Drains

  • Have you cleared the drain of any hair and soap build up?
  • Have you tried using a plunger?
  • Have you tried clearing the drains with specific cleaning agents for drains?
  • Keys

    In the event that you lock yourself out or lose your set of keys, if a management set is available, you can arrange to collect from our office and have copies cut (at your own expense). Identification will be required at the time of collection and keys will need to be returned the same day. If keys are not returned, the locks will be changed at your expense.

    If this is after hours, the tenant will need to contact a locksmith at their own expense. If any locks are changed, the tenant is responsible for supplying two (2) copies to the agent.

    Vehicles & Parking

    All vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking areas of the property. Vehicles are not to be parked on grass, footpaths or any common areas. This will also be policed by the Body Corporate where applicable. Any damage as a result of parking (including oil stains) will be the responsibility of the tenant.

    Please note that under no circumstances are unregistered vehicles to be left on the property at any time unless it is locked inside your designated lock up garage.


    If you decide to lease a property with a pool, please bear in mind that you are responsible for the everyday maintenance and upkeep of the pool, including any obligations in relation to pool safety and compliance that normally falls to the tenant. Whilst we ensure that the pool is compliant, it is your responsibility to keep it that way.

    We urge you to contact your local council if you are unsure of your responsibilities. Some leases will have a maintenance agreement included in their rent, however the tenants will be responsible for anything that requires rectifying based on neglect. No pool or spa is allowed to be installed or erected without permission.

    Water Charges

    If the property is water efficient and individually metered, you are responsible for all water consumption charges for the property as indicated on your tenancy agreement. Water charges will be invoiced to you accordingly.

    If the property is not water efficient, you are responsible for water consumption charges in excess of 30 kilolitres per quarter. Your lease will stipulate what percentage you are responsible for and a water compliancy certificate or other permissible documentation will be provided upon request for proof of compliancy.

    Smoke Alarms

    Queensland Fire and Rescue Services Legislation stipulates that it is a tenant’s responsibility to:

  • Test and clean each smoke alarm (by vacuuming or dusting) every 12 months
  • Replace any flat or nearly flat batteries in the smoke alarm
  • Advise the agent if there are any suspected problems with the smoke alarm (apart from batteries)
  • The tenant must not remove a smoke alarm, remove the battery (other than to replace it) or do anything to reduce the effectiveness of the alarm. Penalties apply for not complying with these requirements.


    If mould appears in your rental premises, defining who is responsible is dependent on when and how the mould developed. For example, if the mould developed due to a tenant’s negligence such as never opening the bathroom window when showering, it may become your responsibility to have it removed.

    If the mould developed just after you move in, then this may have been an ongoing issue of which we haven’t been made aware and should therefore be the responsibility of the lessor.

    However, it is the responsibility of the tenant to notify the Property Manager (in writing) as soon as they discover the mould. To prevent mould, please take the following preventative measures:

  • Use the exhaust fan when using the shower or laundry (especially the dryer)
  • Allow plenty of sunlight to enter the property where possible
  • Allow clothes to completely dry outside before putting them away
  • If condensation builds on the walls or ceiling, please dry the area thoroughly
  • Ensure you allow adequate ventilation throughout the property by opening a door or window (weather permitting)
  • Leave internal doors open to allow for circulation. This is especially necessary when using a clothes dryer in an enclosed laundry
  • If mould is present in a property, we will arrange for it to be professionally removed.
  • Break Lease

    In order to break your lease, you will need to advise your Property Manager (in writing) of the circumstances and reasons for your decision. You will also be responsible for the following:

  • Paying the break lease fee including any marketing costs to find a new tenant
  • Paying rent until another tenancy commences.
  • Specifying a vacate date using the required Form 13, Notice of Intention to Leave.
  • Change Of Shared Tenancy

    If there is a change to the number of people residing in the property, there are a number of steps you will need to follow:

  • You must notify our office of the change in circumstances in writing
  • You will be invoiced a fee for us to process the change of shared tenancy forms for the amount of $120.00 + GST
  • Application forms must be submitted for any new occupants which will be sent to the owner for approval. Once approval has been granted and the fee has been paid, we can complete the relevant change of shared bond/lease forms.
  • Please note: This is only applicable if one of the original lease holders remains in the property. If no original lease holder intends to remain in the property, it is considered to be a break lease.

    Vacating The Property

    At the end of a fixed term tenancy, one of two things will occur:

  • You may be offered a lease renewal for a new fixed term tenancy
  • You may be issued with a Notice to Leave at the end of the lease
  • You will be emailed relevant information approximately three (3) months prior to your lease expiring. If you do not wish to continue the tenancy after the lease end date, you are required to provide us with a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice (in writing) prior to the lease end date. This must be done by completing a Form 13 Notice to Leave with the correct dates provided.

    Please note: An email is not sufficient and the Form 13 must be completed in full with an acknowledgement that we have received it

    Bond Refund

    The following points will assist you in having your bond refunded in the shortest possible time frame:

  • Ensure all rent is paid up to and including date of vacate
  • Ensure all keys are returned to our office
  • Ensure the property is cleaned and returned to the same condition as it was before you moved in (refer to Entry Condition Report and complete the Exit Condition Report)
  • Ensure the carpets have been professionally cleaned
  • Return the keys and ensure they are signed back into the office along with the signed Exit Condition Report upon vacation, with the professional carpet cleaning receipt attached
  • Complete all details on the Refund of Bond form including bank details and forwarding address
  • No numerical amounts are to be entered into the Bond Refund Form until the Property Manager has completed the Exit Condition Report. The RTA will not accept a Bond Refund Form unless all of the signatures are the originals and there are no amounts crossed out or altered on the form.

    A forwarding address is now considered to be compulsory. This is to ensure that the RTA can always contact you for future reference in regards to releasing funds into your accounts.


    Please do not be overwhelmed by the information provided above. We simply want to ensure that you are as well informed as possible whilst leasing through Blink Realty.

    Our aim is for you have an enjoyable experience leasing through us and understand that we are here to help in any way possible. We are aware that many tenants may have been met by unfriendly, overworked Property Managers working for agencies in the past that have made you feel like your tenancy wasn’t important or that your needs weren’t being considered.

    We can assure you, we are not one of them. You will always be provided with friendly, professional and timely service from Blink Realty. Please let us know if we can do anything to improve our service by emailing info@blinkrealty.com.au